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Race To Rescue Bude’s, 'The Pepperpot' Lookout Tower

April 25, 2023

The 188-year-old coastguard’s tower in Bude 'The Pepperpots' is to be moved 100m inland to save it from coastal erosion

Perched on an exposed clifftop above the Atlantic, which gnaws ominously at the sandstone and shale foundations below, Bude storm tower has helped to save many mariners from strife over the past two centuries. But now this cherished coastguard’s lookout is to be rescued itself.

The storm tower at Compass Point in Bude 21/04/2024

View of The Pepperpot plinth and erosion 21/04/2023

The 188-year-old Grade II-listed tower at Compass Point, affectionately known as the Pepperpot, will be carefully deconstructed and rebuilt 100 metres inland later this month to avoid its otherwise inevitable loss over the cliffs to coastal erosion.

View to the west of Compass point 21/04/2023

The move, which will cost about £450,000, was considered too expensive until locals and visitors showed their affection for the tower by raising £58,000 via crowdfunding in 2021.

View Of Summerleaze Beach from Compass point 21/04/2023

Designed by George Wightwick in homage to the Tower of the Winds in Athens and paid for by local benefactor Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, the 10th baronet, the tower has eight sides that map the points of a compass. It would have been occupied by a coastguard during high tides and storms, while a “tide-waiter” would have used the nearby flagpole to alert ships as they navigated the area’s treacherous waters.

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